For most of the month of March, we were in Brazil visiting friends who are serving as missionaries. Our purpose was not to just visit, but to also help out. As I have some skills with computers, I helped with a few computer issues. I also worked on the wireless network. I brought some access points and routers with me and worked on expanding the coverage.

It was fairly easy to get the new access points and router set up and plugged in, so I thought. Soon after I "finished", I started hearing about intermittent Internet access. Everybody was having trouble. So, I unplugged the new ones and went to the main router to see what was going on.

There was already a router on the network and I added one. The new router had DHCP enabled and was going through the original one for Internet access, but was on a different subnet

Some of the veterans out there may already have an idea about the issue.

The new router was getting an IP address on a different subnet than it was assigning IP addresses on. All devices attached to the new router were getting conflicting IP addresses.

I had to turn off DHCP on the new router. I also set the static IP addresses for the access points and new router to be on the subnet of the original router.

I learned more about wireless networking than I really wanted to, but now I have some more questions in my troubleshooting script.