First, let me address the elephant in the room…yes, it has been quite some time since the last post. Since this is not primarily a lifestyle blog, I will not go into details, but instead offer a high-level recap. Over the past 5 years I became lead of a support team, went through 2 corporate reorganizations that involved significant team changes, moved to another city, transitioned to full-time telecommuting, and then, most recently, changed jobs.

Which brings me to today. My intent with this blog was to provide a scratch pad of issues I run into with the hope of helping others that may also be having the same or a similar problem.

In my new role, I will be creating new software rather than supporting and maintaining software that someone else wrote and I will be using newer technologies. As such, I will be back to encountering new problems to solve which means that I may be posting on a more frequent (though not necessarily regular) basis.